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GECO-CN: Ghent Eye-Tracking COrpus of Sentence Reading for Chinese-English Bilinguals

The current work presents the very first eye-tracking corpus of natural reading by Chinese-English bilinguals, whose two languages entail different writing systems and orthographies. Participants read an entire novel in these two languages, presented in paragraphs on screen. Half of the participants first read half of the novel in their native language (Simplified Chinese) and then the rest of the novel in their second language (English), while the other half read in the reverse language order. This article presents some important basic descriptive statistics of reading times and compares the difference between reading in the two languages. However, this unique eye-tracking corpus also allows the exploration of theories of language processing and bilingualism. Importantly, it provides a solid and reliable ground for studying the difference between Eastern and Western languages, understanding the impact and consequences of having a completely different first language on bilingual processing. The materials are freely available to be used by researchers interested in (bilingual) reading

Sui, L., Dirix, N., Woumans, E., & Duyck, W. (in press). GECO-CN: Ghent Eye-Tracking COrpus of Sentence Reading for Chinese-English Bilinguals. Behavior Research Methods. Impact Factor: 5.953. Ranking Q1 (top 10%). PDF available here

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