Nicolas Dirix

siteReading in a Second language: an Eyetracking Study

My PhD is part of the GOA-project ?The interface between memory and  language in multilingualism?. More specifically, I will be  investigating reading in a second language by means of analyzing  readers? eye movements, both on word and sentence level. Next to  conducting experiments of my own I will explore data of a bilingual  eyetracking corpus (by Uschi Cop). The goal of my PhD is twofold. First I want to uncover differences  between first (L1) and second language (L2) reading. For this purpose,  I will investigate if specific reading effects in L1 also apply to L2  reading (e.g., neighborhood density and frequency effect, age of  acquisition effect, homograph effect, word predictability,?). Second,  I want to reveal the underlying mechanisms of differences in L1 and L2  reading. Other researchers put forward some hypotheses that could  explain these differences (e.g., the weaker links hypothesis, the  cross-linguistic interference hypothesis and the resource hypothesis).   By analyzing certain eye movement variables (such as fixation times,  saccades, skipping rates and pupil dilation) I want to provide  evidence that could contribute to (one of) these hypotheses.