WinWordGen is an easy-to-use and powerful program (MS Windows)

WordGen is free, if you cite the WordGen theoretical framework paper when publishing research that used WordGen:

Duyck, W., Desmet, T., Verbeke, L., & Brysbaert, M. (2004). WordGen: A Tool for Word Selection and Non-Word Generation in Dutch, German, English, and French. Behavior Research Methods, Instruments & Computers, 36(3), 488-499. (full text available here)

+ A poster describing WordGen’s features can be downloaded here.

Although you can use WordGen for free, if you like it and use it for your research, please consider to donate your contribution (you can choose how much you want to donate) for the software development. You can do so through this secure PayPal platform: If needed, we can send you an invoice.

Test install: WordGen users have to enter an original CELEX cd-rom once if they decide to keep on using WordGen (see below). However, in order to make it possible to test WordGen before purchasing a CELEX cd-rom, we have also prepared an self-extracting archive file which contains all files necessary to run the WordGen program. This test version is fully functional. This file can be downloaded here: *wordgen.exe*. When the file is downloaded, clicking it will extract all WordGen files into a specified folder. Then, the program can be run by clicking the winwordgen.exe file in that folder…

Note that all these programs will only run on a Windows PC. If you would like to continue using WordGen for your research, you have to complete the final install procedure described below, which requires a CELEX cd-rom. By downloading the file above, you accept all responsibility for respecting these terms. If you don not agree to these terms, do not download the test install file.

Normal install (CELEX CD-ROM required): Click *wwg_install_1_0c.exe* to download the WordGen installation program into a temporary folder.  Click this file and WordGen will install itself in the ‘Program Files’ folder. You can access the program through the shortcuts in the Windows Start Menu; WordGen is a tool that operates with the CELEX lexical database (orders: Because this database has been distributed with a proprietary license, you need to enter an original CELEX CD-ROM in your cd-rom drive to install the program for the first time if you use the regular install. The install wizard will guide you through this process. (The CD-ROM is not necessary for subsequent use of the program). Because Lexique is developed under a GNU license, the french database is included in the download. So, there is now need to download this file manually from Lexique’s website.

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