WinWordGen is an easy-to-use and powerful program (MS Windows) to select word stimuli from the CELEX and Lexique lexical databases to generate nonwords satisyfing different combinations of linguistic/lexical constraints.

The program is originally developed and mainly suited for the generation of stimulus lists to be used in psycholinguistic experiments in Dutch, English, German or French.

WordGen is free, if you cite the WordGen theoretical framework paper when publishing research that used WordGen:

Duyck, W., Desmet, T., Verbeke, L., & Brysbaert, M. (2004). WordGen: A Tool for Word Selection and Non-Word Generation in Dutch, German, English, and French. Behavior Research Methods, Instruments & Computers, 36(3), 488-499. (full text available here)

You can download the program here

New – Batch Checking! After you installed the program, you can also download a small add-on tool here. This program allows you to automatically check a long list of stimuli in a textfile for lexical characteristics, without having to enter each of your stimuli manually.

Unzip this file in the WordGen install folder that you chose. Put your stimuli in the file named batch.in. Run batch_checking.exe . Choose language, and output will be written to batch.out.

+ A poster describing WordGen’s features can be downloaded here.

Although you can use WordGen for free, if you like it and use it for your research, please consider to donate your contribution (you can choose how much you want to donate) for the software development. You can do so through this secure PayPal platform: https://www.paypal.me/WDuyck/15. If needed, we can send you an invoice.

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