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New Publication in Gedrag & Organisatie

Interviewbias bij sollicitanten met een stigma: Een duaal proces benadering. In dit artikel worden aan de hand van vier studies Read More →

New Publication in Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance

Do semantic sentence constraint and L2 proficiency influence language selectivity of lexical access in native language listening? We investigated whether Read More →

New Publication in Cortex

Woumans, E., & Duyck, W. (in press). The bilingual advantage debate: Moving toward different methods for verifying its existence. Cortex. Read More →

New Publication in PLoS One

Eye Movement patterns in Natural Reading: a Comparison of Monolingual and Bilingual Reading of a Novel. This paper presents a Read More →

New publication in Research in Developmental Disabilities

Linking memory and language:¬†Evidence for a serial-order learning impairment in dyslexia The present study investigated long-term serial-order learning impairments, operationalized Read More →

New publication in Brain and Language

Subthalamic nucleus stimulation and spontaneous language production in Parkinson’s disease: a double laterality problem Background Asymmetric degeneration of dopaminergic neurons Read More →

New Publication in Psychological Science

Seeing a Face activates the Language that the Face Speaks… Bilinguals have two languages that are activated in parallel. During Read More →

New Publication in PLoS One

Emotionally biased cognitive processes:¬†The weakest link predicts prospective changes in depressive symptom severity Emotional biases in attention, interpretation, and memory Read More →

New Publication in Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience

Brain circuit for cognitive control is shared by task and language switching Controlling multiple languages during speech production is believed Read More →

New Publication in Psychonomic Bulletin & Review

Frequency Effects in Monolingual and Bilingual Natural Reading This paper presents the first systematic examination of the monolingual and bilingual Read More →