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My academic work.

New publication in Interpreting

Simaltaneous interpreting and working memory executive control Working memory is a complex cognitive component responsible for maintenance of information during Read More →

New Publication in Journal of Neurolinguistics

The effects of subthalamic nucleus stimulation on semantic and syntactic performance in spontaneous language production in people with Parkinson’s disease Read More →

New Publication in Bilingualism: Language and Cognition

The influence of language switching experience on the bilingual executive control advantage. In an ongoing debate, bilingual research currently discusses Read More →

New Publication in Memory

Increased susceptibility to proactive interference in adults with dyslexia Recent findings show that people with dyslexia have an impairment in Read More →

New publication in PLoS One

Phonological Recoding in Error detection: A Cross-sectional Study in Beginning Readers of Dutch The present cross-sectional study investigated the develop Read More →

New publication in the International Journal of Remote Sensing

Variability of operator performance in remote sensing image interpretation: the importance of human and external factors. International Journal of Remote Read More →

New Publication in Emotion

Attention, Interpretation, and Memory Biases in Subclinical Depression: A Proof-of-Principle Test of The Combined Cognitive Biases Hypothesis Emotional biases in Read More →

New Publication in the Journal for the Society of Information Display

Leaving the third dimension: no measurable evidence for cognitive aftereffects of stereoscopic 3D movies Stereoscopic 3D (S-3D) is becoming an Read More →

New publication in Aphasiology

PhD students Nele Verreyt, Louisa Bogaerts en Uschi Cop just published a new paper in the journal aphasiology: “Syntactic priming Read More →