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New lab publication in Bilingualism: Language and Cognition

The Word Frequency Effect in First and Second Language Reading by Chinese and Dutch Bilinguals High-frequency (HF) words are processed Read More →

New lab publication in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology

Improving reading rate prediction with word length information: Evidence from Dutch Previous research in English has suggested that reading rate Read More →

New Publication in Reading Research Quarterly: Reading text when studying in a second language: An eye-tracking study

In this study, we investigated how eye movements are influenced by different text reading goals in participants’ first and second Read More →

New Publication in Psychonomic Bulletin and Review

An Eye Movement Corpus Study of the Age of Acquisition Effect The current study investigated the effects of word-level age Read More →

New Publication in PLoS One

Eye Movement patterns in Natural Reading: a Comparison of Monolingual and Bilingual Reading of a Novel. This paper presents a Read More →

New publication in PLoS One

Phonological Recoding in Error detection: A Cross-sectional Study in Beginning Readers of Dutch The present cross-sectional study investigated the develop Read More →