New publication in Bilingualism: Language and Cognition

Delayed Picture Naming in the First and Second Language

Second language (L2) speakers produce speech more slowly than first language (L1) speakers. This may be due to a delay in lexical retrieval, but it is also possible that the delay is situated at later stages. This study used delayed picture naming to test whether late production stages (leading up to articulation) are slower in L2 than in L1. Dutch-English unbalanced bilinguals performed a regular and a delayed picture naming task in English and Dutch. Monolingual English controls performed these tasks in English. Speakers were slower when naming pictures in L2 during regular picture naming but not in delayed naming. Reaction time costs of using L2 did not vary with phonological complexity, but there was a larger L2 cost in accuracy with more complex words. We conclude that the very last stages prior to articulation are not significantly slower when bilinguals name pictures in their L2.

Keywords: second language delay, picture naming, articulation

Broos, W.P.J., Bencivenni, A., Duyck, W., & Hartsuiker, R.J. (in press). Delayed Picture Naming in the First and Second Language. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition. Impact Factor: 2.210. Ranking Q1 (top 10%). PDF available here.

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