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My academic work.

New Publication in Journal of Experimental Education

From Interest Assessment to Study Orientation: an Empirical Advice Set Engine Each student faces the challenge of choosing a study Read More →

New Publication in PLoS One: the Effects of Vocational Interest on Study Results: Student Person – Environment Fit and Program Interest Diversity

The extent to which a good person-environment (PE) interest fit between student and study program leads to better study results Read More →

New publication in Language, Cognition and Neuroscience

Prediction and integration of semantics during L2 and L1 listening Using the visual world paradigm, we tested whether Dutch-English bilinguals Read More →

New publication in Behavior Research Methods

How well do word recognition measures correlate? Effects of language context and repeated presentations The present study assessed to what Read More →

New Publication the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology

Monitoring Speech Production and Comprehension: Where is the Second-Language Delay? Research on error monitoring suggests that bilingual Dutch-English speakers are Read More →

New publication in Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition

Is there adaptation of speech production after speech perception in bilingual interaction? In dialogue, speakers tend to adapt their speech Read More →

New publication in Neuropsychologia

Neural overlap of L1 and L2 semantic representations across visual and auditory modalities: a decoding approach This study investigated whether Read More →

New Publication in Language, Cognition and Neuroscience

Are higher-level processes delayed in second language word production? Evidence from picture naming and phoneme monitoring There are clear disadvantages Read More →

New publication in Journal of Neurolinguistics

A case study about the interplay between language control and cognitive abilities in bilingual differential aphasia: Behavioral and brain correlates Read More →

New publication in Cortex

Anatomical and functional changes in the brain after simultaneous interpreting training: A longitudinal study In the recent literature on bilingualism, Read More →