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My academic work.

New lab publication in PLoS One

An examination of gender imbalance in Scottish adolescents’ vocational interests This paper documents Scottish adolescents’ vocational interest types. Our research Read More →

New lab publication in Language, Cognition and Neuroscience

Age- and gender-related differences in verbal semantic processing: the development of normative electrophysiological data in the Flemish population Categorical and Read More →

New lab publication in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology

Improving reading rate prediction with word length information: Evidence from Dutch Previous research in English has suggested that reading rate Read More →

New publication in Bilingualism: Language and Cognition: Language of Instruction Affects Language Interference in the Third Language

Applied linguistic work claims that multilinguals’ non-native languages interfere with one another based on similarities in cognitive factors like proficiency Read More →

New publication in Frontiers in Psychology

The protective influence of bilingualism on the recovery of phonological input processing in aphasia after stroke. Language related potentials are Read More →

New Publication in European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology

Initial Impression Formation during the Job interview: Anchors that Drive Biased Decision-making Against Stigmatized Applicants  The job interview is still one Read More →

New publication in Bilingualism: Language and Cognition

Delayed Picture Naming in the First and Second Language Second language (L2) speakers produce speech more slowly than first language Read More →

New publication in Aphasiology: The phonological Mismatch Negativity and P300 as diagnostic tools in stroke-related aphasia recovery: a longitudinal multiple case study

ABSTRACTBackground: Recovery from stroke-related aphasia follows different stages, evolving from the acute and subacute phase (< 6 months post stroke) Read More →

New Publication in Journal of Experimental Psychology: General

Crime and Punishment: Morality judgment in a foreign language The current study examined whether use of a foreign language affects Read More →

New Publication in Neurocase: Category specific recall in acute stroke: a case with letter speech

Category selective recall in spontaneous speech after stroke has been reported only rarely. We recently described three cases demonstrating transient Read More →